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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

— William James

Niños y naturaleza 

Connecting children with nature

In 2014 we personally interviewed over 50 people, representing many sectors of our community. We asked them, “What should Audubon be doing to make a difference in San Miguel?” Their answers: conserve nature and help our children learn about nature and how to care for it.

We then asked ourselves: “How do we prepare our children for the environmental and social challenges they are inheriting?” and “How to do we help them become active participants in securing a bright and promising future?”

We took our cue from educator David Sobbel:
If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.

An Interview with Richard Louv author and founder, Children and Nature Network

Help our children grow

You can help our students by giving your time and financial support to our Niños y Natualeza program.
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Our Program:  A bird’s eye view

Niños y Naturaleza is a unique place-based program developed by Audubon de México that takes public school children on a journey of discovering the world of nature through the eyes of a bird, traveling the pathways of  wonder, curiosity, empathy and empowerment.

Inspired by the words of educator David Sobel,  we designed our program to nurture love – of life, of animals, of our planet, of ourselves – and blended it with the natural sciences and creative arts, storytelling, gardening, and outdoor adventures to connect children with nature in ways that encourage their sense of wonder and curiosity and develop their empathy for all living beings.

Our goal is to help our youth form a caring connection with nature and the values and skills that will empower them to become active contributors to a healthy, sustainable society – for the sake of their future and for nature itself.

If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.

— David Sobel

Making Connections with Nature

To open our eyes to the wonders of nature, our hearts to the life that is taking place all around us, and our minds to following our curiosity and imagination.

Becoming a Bird

To deepen our empathy for all living beings by imagining life as a bird and discovering our commonalities, interdependencies, purpose and meaning.

Expressing Ourselves Through Creativity

To help us to express what we know and how we feel about nature and what we are discovering about the world around us. To learn to be more observant and present in the moment.

Planting and Tending School Gardens

To create living laboratories for hands-on learning where we can explore, test, examine and observe; build practical skills and knowledge; and experience the rewards of stewardship, responsibility and teamwork (and flowers, fruits and vegetables too).

A child’s view


We spend a lot of time outside exploring the world around us, using all of our senses to observe, touch, smell, taste, and listen to nature. We develop new skills, like planting and tending a garden, counting birds for science and organizing a cleanup campaign. We go on field trips to enlarge our experiences of the world and to meet people who are working to help nature and our society thrive. We promote questions to encourage curiosity and problem-solving, and apply writing, math, and science skills to a real-world context. 



We view the world through the eyes of a bird to discover our commonalities, the differences that make us special and the value that people and wildlife add to our world. We create works of art, keep journals, play games, and tell stories that help us form emotional connections with wildlife and to encourage a caring spirit. We apply these lessons to building closer relationships with the nature world.


We emphasize the value of teamwork by working cooperatively to plan, plant and care for school gardens, creating a play, and painting a mural together. We make time for personal expression; encouraging ideas and feelings and opportunities to share their experience with others. We develop leadership skills by sharing our knowledge and skills.


These transformative experiences develop our sense of belonging; our understanding of our value as an individual and community member; and recognition that our contributions CAN and DO make a difference in the world.

The Schools we partner with

Escuela Ignacio Aldama

Ignacio Aldama is located in Colonia Santa Julia.  This is our newest school, and we are excited to work with an administration and teaching staff who are committed to our purpose and principles.  This year we are working with 3rd and 4th grade students and will begin working with 5th grade students in  the fall of 2020.

Escuela Montes de Oca

Montes de Oca school is situated at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Presa Obraje. It’s student body of 225 children are involved with transforming their school into a nature oasis.  Audubon’s Niños y Naturaleza program has been operating at the school since 2016.

Escuela Nueva Senda

Nueva Senda was one of Audubon’s first Niños y Naturaleza schools, starting in 2014.  There are 225 students attending the school which is located in the community of San Luis Rey, high on a hill to the north of Centro. There are many gardens at the school and students, teachers and parents are dedicated to caring for their school environment.   

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View this interesting video of an interview with Richard Louv, journalist, author and founder/chariman of the Children & Nature Network.

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