About Us

"We make the world we live in, and shape our own environment."

— Orison Swett Marden

Our guiding principles

Our principles guide our organization in decision-making and in upholding our commitment
to our members and the San Miguel community.


We focus on people.

Audubon de Mexico connects people with nature, through education, training, and recreation programs and through involvement in larger environmental issues that unite us as citizens. We believe that a richer understanding and appreciation of the environment will inspire each of us to protect nature and will enrich our lives.


We engage all parts of
our society

We aspire to achieve a membership profile that represents the demographics of our region. We will address the imbalance between our composition today and the demography of our region through board recruitment, bilingual outreach
and programs, and incorporating the needs and values of our desired new members into our goals.


We emphasize education
at all levels.

Engaging people in the study and appreciation of nature is both a product we can offer, and a tool with which we can make a lasting impact on society.


We are hands-on

We are part of a global and local society
that is largely detached from the natural world. We will find places where nature and people intersect, and develop programs to bring nature to life in
the minds and hearts of our
community members.

We are messengers.

The stories that a community tells about itself reflects its ideals and aspirations. We seek to tell stories that encourage a cultural identity of stewardship and the ability of a single person to make a difference. We also tell stories about ourselves and what we do, at every opportunity, so that people clearly understand our mission and role.


We are a community resource for natural resource conservation and wildlife protection.

We are respected for the role we play in the appreciation and conservation of birds and habitats. We will use new members, new organizational growth, and community support to strengthen and expand our conservation programs and to increase community expertise.


We operate with integrity.

We monitor and measure the impact of our programs so that we can communicate meaningful results to our member and donor constituents, and in turn they take pride in their involvement with Audubon. We are fiscally responsible and manage our funds wisely. We support our community businesses and institutions and are respectful of the culture and customs of the people and communities we touch through our programs.

We value partnerships.

By strategically partnering with other community organizations, government, and individuals and through communication and networking, we can more rapidly and effectively deliver important conservation results today, and build a stronger and diverse environmental constituency for tomorrow.

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